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I Learn I Question. That’s How I Learn!

Errkk..Who Wants To Be A Millionaire In The Classroom?!

Frankly speaking, I never ever have a thought in my mind that this popular game can actually be implemented in the classroom. I believe that everyone in this world would know what this game is all about and I believe that kids nowadays would be familiar with this game as well. So what we need to do in order to apply this game in the classroom meaningfully and successfully?

MODIFICATION! Yes, we have to modify this game to suit with whatever condition of the classroom that we might get in future. I would say that the process of modifying this game was our primary challenge in this task. We have to think about the theme, how would we play this game with the kids, the rules and regulation and the list goes on. Personally if I were asked to do this task individually, surely you can see a lot of crack on my head. LOL!

So luckily this task was assigned to be done in group. Yeah! And that is why people always say that TWO is better than ONE but in this situation, GROUP is better than INDIVIDUAL! More people so more ideas and of course lesser burden!

First and foremost, we decided on the theme. We suggested few topics that relevant to be applied in this game and we decided on the topic from Year 4 textbook “COME RAIN OR SHINE” [CROS] and we chose to prepare a complete lesson and it was a wrap-up lesson. A wrap-up lesson is a lesson that is carried out at the end of each topic in order to sum up all the subtopics of that topic. It is merely like a recalling lesson.

Actually during my teaching practice, I had done three wrap-up lessons. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to apply WWTBAM during my wrap-up lessons as I never thought of it. Thus since we have been exposed to this game and also on how to implement it in the classroom, there is a huge possibility that I will use this game in my classroom depending on the kids and the classroom situation that I might get.

Okay, back to the process of accomplishing this task. After we decided on the theme, the next challenge was to modify the features of the game; the flow, rules, instructions, background, font, rewards and everything that lingered on the game. Every tiny-eeny-weeny-bitsy-tipsy of the task was done through discussion so that we could see all the strengths and shortcomings of what we were doing in order to accomplish the task. Every member in my group had chances to recommend their own ideas and suggestions and truthfully, I believe that we accepted every opinion without any hard feeling.

At the presentation stage, we did our best to deliver the presentation. We did not want the audience to have a lot of question marks in their mind; nevertheless we wanted to provide clear answers and justifications to them. In fact, I felt that all the groups had the same thought as mine. We really hope that our presentation would please the audience and sincerely I was amazed with all the presentations! GREAT JOB, COHORT 4!!! Every group had their own style in modifying and presenting this task and honestly, I learnt a lot from them.

Besides, we were asked to give feedback at the end of every presentation. Therefore, we should give attention to every presentation so that it would be easy for us to give meaningful feedback and the feedback that we got should be taken with open heart as it was part of learning. We learn from each other and this actually encourages us to be responsible of our own learning. We give attention to others and at the same time, we learn from them. This actually can be applied in our classroom later and this actually encourages pupils to be independent learners. The teachers are not the sole knowledge providers anymore as the pupils can take charge of their own learning.

However, I would like to comment on one thing regarding the feedback session. I personally felt that the time given to comment was not sufficient enough as I had to focus on the presentation and then I had to give comment on the presentation and not so long after that, I had to get ready to listen to the next presentation. If this activity would be carried out in the future, I really hope that we are given some time to give comments so that the comments given are significant to the groups and so they would feel appreciated for their hard work.

Okay, I think that’s all for now. Have a good all! 🙂


2 responses

  1. beeguat

    Hi Idzy! I like your entry! Very well-written and it reflects how much you have gained from the whole process. Well done. You are so optimistic about giving and receiving feedback and it’s good that you view it as a platform for learning. “The teachers are not the sole knowledge providers anymore as the pupils can take charge of their own learning”. I like this sentence of yours, it is so true! I think this is how we should train our pupils in the future. All the best and keep it up dear! 🙂

    February 27, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    • Hi Bguat! Thank you! Thank you! I like that sentence too 🙂 Indeed, I felt somehow I learnt from the feedback that I got as from the feedback I would try my best to improve. If no feedback, I would not know what I am doing whether it is correct or wrong. And so, thanks so much for dropping your comment! All the best to u too! 🙂

      February 27, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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